Nordic Umwelttechnik

Nordic Umwelttechnik, as an official partner of Nordic Water and EMO, presents a comprehensive portfolio of products and systems tailored to efficiently address the requirements and complexities of water and wastewater treatment. Our range spans from initial screening stages to sophisticated filtration systems. With a team of experts, we meticulously assess the diverse needs of our customers and guide them towards the most suitable solutions for their specific applications.

Nordic Water​

Nordic Water is 100% Swedish-owned company based in Askim (Sweden), with a history, began from 1962 and known today as a leading developer of innovative and effective water treatment products that have revolutionized our entire industry. The company specializes in providing tailored solutions to the industries, municipal authorities, institutions, private households, and commercial segments to suit their specific needs of treated water requirements for utility & process applications.


EMO (member of Semosia group) is a French leading company in the design and the manufacturing of equipment for drinking water, wastewater, and sludge treatment. EMO provides complete services from the in-depth analysis of its customers’ need till the design, manufacturing, and installation of dedicated solutions, particularly thanks to an in-house laboratory. EMO has now become one international player recognized to solve problems related to wastewater, portable or industrial water treatment.


With over 200 successfully executed projects in our portfolio, Nordic Umwelttechnik stands poised for the future with unwavering confidence, continuously enhancing our service offerings. Our company boasts an extensive network of representative offices and service centers, complemented by our proficient technical and project personnel. This robust infrastructure enables us to deliver top-notch service quality to our valued customers.

Hand in hand to global success

Are you seeking a reliable partner to ensure the seamless technical operation of your production facilities worldwide? Do you require expertise in the design, construction, procurement, or modernization of industrial plants? Are you in need of assistance with the global transfer of economic or capital goods? Look no further.

Our visionary company offers a wealth of experience, intuition, and routine, backed by a sophisticated economic network. Our team of specialists excels in logistics, disposition, and analysis. We are committed to supporting you in achieving your goals and would be delighted to assist you every step of the way.

Agro sector

Food industry


Papermill Factories

Pharmacy and chemical industry

Petrochemical industry

Energy industry

Water and waste water treatment plants​

Textile industry ​


In the attached PDF, you will discover a comprehensive overview of our completed projects. We invite you to download our project list and explore the breadth of our achievements. Should you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We look forward to the opportunity to discuss our projects with you in more detail.


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